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Woombie Tencil Baby Swaddling Wrap
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Self-soothing: Woombie Original Swaddle is a wearable baby blanket that encourages back sleeping and eases the transition from womb to world; the stretchy but snug fit moves "with" the baby, re-creating a womb-like environment and simulating the feeling of being held, touched, and cuddled

The 95% eucalyptus fiber, 5% spandex fabric promotes gentle airflow; the design is hip and shoulder friendly and the narrowed waistline gently compresses the tummy, providing additional comfort for your baby

Easy to use: No origami required, this easy to use one step baby swaddle will not unravel as a blanket can; two-way zipper allows for easy diaper changes Product specifications:  Fits Newborn: 16-22 inches, 5-13 lbs.; machine washable


  • Swaddles baby, preventing startle reflex 
  • Double zipper
  • Signature fabric with bebeflex™ fabric allows mobility and recreates womb-like movements
  • Prevents face scratching & keeps "busy" hands away from face & pacifier 
  • Will not unravel like a blankets which can ride up and cause potential suffocation
  • Easy to use (In/Out)
  • Encourages back sleeping, as swaddled babies are more likely to maintain on their backs while sleeping
  • Converts to sleep sack when baby is ready
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