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Upside Down-Bioglitter, Fragrance and Lip Balm Set
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Delight your little ones' senses with this colorful Upside Down makeup kit that offers all the fun without nasty chemicals.

The Upside Down kit includes:

  • sparkly Pink Glitterbug glitter ge
  • juicy sweet Strawberry Kiss lip shimmer
  • heavenly Miami Ray roll-on fragrance.

Unlike conventional glitter, Klee's biodegradable glitter contains NO plastic and NO artificial colorants. It is made of plant-based cellulose and natural colorants that biodegrade naturally into harmless substances.

Klee's roll-on fragrance is made with a blend of natural fragrances and essential oils, and is free of alcohol and phthalates.

The Strawberry Kiss lip shimmer, sweetened with organic stevia, offers tons of naturally moisturizing butters and oils and a light, shimmery tint. NO talc - NO parabens - NO synthetic dyes - NO synthetic fragrances Gentle and Non-Toxic.

Made in USA.

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