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Nanit Breathing Wear Band
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Breathing Wear™ works exclusively with the Nanit Plus nursery camera, to monitor your baby’s breathing motion without putting sensors on your baby. The specific patterns on the fabric were custom-designed to be read by the HD Nanit camera, making it easy to check in on your little one, from your Nanit app.

• 100% cotton Breathing Band to comfortably track your baby’s breathing motion
• No electronics or sensors in the product, on your baby, or in the crib
• Designed specifically to go around chest and abdomen
• Soft edge bindings - nothing sticks out for the baby to grab
• Elongated binding allows for variability in baby’s chest circumference
• Secure, quiet-open hook and loop attachments for the perfect fit, as the baby grows
• Nanit pattern wraps around the entire Band - so breathing motion can be tracked even as your baby moves and rolls around
• Can be worn over most pajamas
• Machine washable

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