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Moba Moses Basket
Price : $189.00
Color :

The contemporary moses basket that is not only luxurious and durable, but comes with a very low carbon footprint. Each Moba comes with a luxury white cotton liner. The fabric is 100% unlined, white cotton waffle, woven specially for Moba. On the advice of health professionals Moba chose to make their liner without padding. Not only does the padding prohibit airflow through the sides of the basket, but the polyester fiber padding used in most moses basket liners is also highly flammable; to combat this it is treated with strong flame retardant chemicals which are not healthy for your baby to inhale. Moba has specially designed air holes in the sides and base to maximize airflow and ventilation. The unique synthetic material is tailor made, soft and flexible. The unique Moba mattress has a supportive foam core and removable top cover made from a cozy, 3D knitted fabric which is fully breathable.

Key features:

  • Strong and durable handles that stay upright
  • Made from bespoke plastic that is anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic
  • Can be thoroughly washed which means is super hygienic and perfect for babies sensitive skin
  • PVC free
  • Over 300 air holes around the sides and base to maximize ventilation.
  • Includes a luxury mattress that has a wipe clean top cover and is temperature regulating, fully air permeable and reversible.  
  • 100% pure cotton liner
  • Designed without unnecessary frills, padding and hood to promote airflow
  • Completely recyclable and made in the UK at an ISO approved factory, low carbon footprint.
  • Completely silent so no more rustling and creaking wicker! 
  • Suitable for babies who cannot sit up on their own, roll over, or push themselves up onto their hands and knees

Basket Dimensions: L 32.5″ x H 15.5″ x W 17″. Weight:  5 lbs. Suitable from birth

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