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Sweet Cocoon Stacking Stones
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Discover a wonderful manipulative toy that gives free rein to the imagination of children from 2 years old! This game consists of 20 wooden stones in different shapes and cuts. They also come in a variety of colours and are perfectly matched by their soft pastel tones. By stacking the 20 light wooden stones, your child will discover construction and balance. He or she can follow his or her instincts, assemble and combine each element as he or she sees fit to try out his or her own experiments and why not go as high as possible!  The size of the large stones is 12 x 2.5 x 6 cm (4.7 x 0.98 x 2.4") and the height of the small stones is 3.5 cm (1.4"), which makes it easy for children to hold. This wooden toy is part of the Sweet Cocoon collection, a range with delicate colours, inspired by current trends to accompany your child's first learning experiences in a gentle way!  Ages 2-6y.

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