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Nuna Leaf Wind
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Love everything about the Nuna Leaf but wish it could sway on its own? Here’s your solution – the Nuna Leaf Wind. Its a small motor that attaches to both the Nuna Leaf and the Nuna Leaf Curv with just a click and provides gentle swaying automatically. You no longer have to worry about being right by your little one to give their Leaf a push every couple of minutes. Six (silent) speed settings and a built-in light with three adjustments on one easy-to-use one-touch sensor control panel give you everything you need to give your Leaf more options. Plus, you don’t need batteries; an included mini USB cord plugs into both the wall and battery backup charger to keep the power going for a gentle sway every time.


  • Allows the LEAF and LEAF Curv to sway continuously on its own.
  • Six speed settings to soothe baby with no buzz or noise, perfect for drifting off into naptime.
  • Integrated one-touch sensor control panel is easy to use.
  • Attaches to the base of the LEAF series with just a click.
  • No batteries needed.
  • Mini USB cord (included) works with both wall plug (included) and battery backup charger.
  • Compatible with Nuna Leaf and Nuna Leaf Curv.
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