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Dig it Up Rainbow Discovery Kit
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This Rainbow Dig it Up Kit, is shaped like a rainbow (measures 7 inches long). Your child will discover 13 sparkly charms inside.

How is works: After soaking the clay rainbow in water, kids can dig through the soft clay layers to uncover a total of 13 sparkly charms with hidden meanings. They can use the guidebook to journal about their discoveries and read about what it means to empower yourself.

  • High Quality Tools: MindWare Dig It Up! Rainbow Discovery includes 5 genuine excavation tools. 2 chisels, a brush, hammer and sponge make it fun and exciting for children to chip away at the rainbow sculpture and clean off their discoveries.
  • The big encouragement poster is covered with cool fun facts about what each charm means, and how to use them to remind yourself to be the best you can be!
  • Kit Includes a charm-filled rainbow project measuring approx. 7” long, a mini treasure dig, 13 total charms, 2 chiseling tools, 1 hammer, 1 excavation brush, 1 sponge, an infographic empowerment poster and a guidebook/excavation journal. Ages 4 and up.
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