Alma Store Travel Gear - Baby Bliss, a premium Baby Boutique and Baby Registry
Alma Store
Price : $100.00

Alma’s folding design makes it perfect for storing in smaller living spaces transporting to second homes for the holiday break or setting up at grandma’s house and then storing away. it’s also ideal if parents or children are sharing a room as it can be easily folded away to create space.

The all in one alma store is a customized protective storage bag that allows you to stow away alma and its bedding providing extra portability and mobility through use of the castors provided with alma.  Made with commercial grade robust and water resistant fabric alma store is a durable carrier that protects your entire alma package against dirt and damage.  With specialized compartments this carrier neatly stows away all the components you need; base board mattress bedding and other essentials so you can simply roll it all into storage or into your car for those trips away.